Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sick Season!

Hello dear readers, I'm sick.

I saw this coming on Thursday night, but my premonition was only confirmed when I woke up on Friday morning after a gruesome nightmare to find myself feeling like mallets hammering on the inside of my head, my body was on fire and I was aching like a Zamboni machine.

(Okay, how did I come up with that comparison?! Clearly not feeling well.)

In the end, I struck a deal with evil mom - she'd let me skip the first half of the day, provided I went after recess for double period add maths. And then I collapsed most gratefully back onto my lovely soft bed.

At 10.30, I was left outside the school gate because my dearest daddy was too lazy to bring me into the office and sign me in properly. I had to sneak into school, trying to hold my bright blue bag in the most inconspicuous way possible, scurrying another way when I saw En. Shamsul from the distance. All this with my head screaming protest at me in about a few thousand different voices.

Funniest moment: My sitting in the R&S room, while Joey and Nicole walked by. Joey didn't see me, but Nicole gave me a casual glance and a wave. They walked right past the door, out of sight. Five whole seconds later, they did exactly what people in cartoons do - Nicole realised something was amiss and backtracked with Joey in tow, to check if she was seeing things. As far as they knew, I hadn't come to school!

I was really disappointed that I couldn't play netball in the Karnival Sukan today, as I was supposed to. I was actually looking forward to doing so. What a darned-y nice time to fall sick. I tried waking up this morning, at 7, but my head started spinning and I just went back to sleep. Sigh. At least there's still next year.

I was feeling better - no more fever, no more WWIII going on in my head - but then I started feeling pretty wretched just before leaving for Interact Installation. I was sitting through the whole thing willing myself not to throw up, and left early. But I went anyway - not because my friends forced me to - (hah! do you think they're that scary?) but because I forced myself - how could I miss this major event of theirs?!

And I didn't regret it!

It was a very good event, in my humble opinion. Sure, it had its glitches, but what school event - what Dewan Bakti-held event - doesn't? The video presentation was amusing and pretty impressive, and even though it was an installation, I didn't find it boring at all. The bright golden frames complimented the pillars nicely and the red carpet was taped down nicely.

I just want to say this for the new board - give them a chance. It's not fair to go jumping down people's throats before they've ever had the chance to shine or otherwise. And Nicole Low, keep your head up. No-one who's seen you looking all haggard, doing all you could and more, can ever say you're not capable of living up to your promise. Now you just get proper rest and don't fall sick like me.

Congratulations to all three of you - Low, Lee and Kee.

And Xin You, Han Wey, and Roshan who looked super today.

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