Friday, November 26, 2010

Every guy wants a Jacie

Second post of the day!

Ohmigosh. Do you know how much I talk? Why do I keep on blabbing and blabbing when I'm blogging? And most of the time that's only like, half of what I really do want to say. I talk too much.

So, moving on to something involving me not talking.

There are four definitions of Jacie according to urbandictionary, and here they are listed in order of popularity, spelling errors intact:

1. Jacie
A beautiful, sexy, artsy, free-flowing, daredevil who loves life, friends and family. This fly girl is the life of the party, friendly and inquisitive. Those who know her are lucky to have her in their life.

The Jacie skydived through the air.

2. Jacie
Jacie is the most gorgeous girl in the whole world. I would die for Jacie. She has my life and my heart. The love for Jacie is like the ocean it never stops being filled up. Filled up with love(: Jacie is Exterme extreme extremely sexy. I am allways happy when i am around her. You are the one and only person for me. My heart over follows with love for you. You are my true Love. I will love youe forever and ever no matter wat.

Jacie I Love You Sooooo Much!

3. Jacie
An extremly sexy girl, and a total badass, Guys are always all over her, every guy wants a Jacie XD

4. Jacie

a cool chick who looks like Taylor Swift

Is that Taylor Swift? darnit it's just Jacie

JACIE is also an acronym for some business thing. Look.

Taken from the JACIE website.

I'd originally wanted to fill you in on the history of my name, but as it involves my sisters' full names as well as mine and this is a public blog and if some stalker comes by it bla bla bla, I've changed my mind, it's not like you really want to know anyway, look I'm talking again.

So yeah. I really love my name and I'd thank you very much not to call me anything but my name. I have four names and you may call me any one of them as long as you do not shorten them. Come on, each name has only one syllable except the first and that has only two. And please spell my name properly. I know it sounds the same as JC but it isn't the same because it's spelled differently and three extra letters won't kill you.

Love, Jacie.

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