Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Funny. In the past few days, I've written posts, really long ones even, but for some reason I just think other people will find them boring and uninteresting, and then the posts end up saved in my unpublished drafts.

Ergo, no visible updates.

I miss talking to my friends. Writing on your blog can't make up for that. Glad I finally went out with Gan today, then. Tomorrow, going to give out soup to homeless people in KL. It's not a planned programme thing, more of a turn-up-when-you-will-in-pairs-or-small-groups thing, so I'm kinda nervous. I don't like facing the unknown and I have a social disorder that renders me disabled when it comes to dealing with people. (I go through hell when ordering food, even.) And I have to do 24 hours' worth of this. If I go let's say, four hours at a time, err how many times do I have to go to the soup kitchen in KL?

Urrm the little voice in my head is telling me that this post is worthless and that I should just bin it, but Sze Li asked me to update so I'll defy it and press the orange button now.

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