Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Update with a smile

When I published my previous post I honest-to-goodness was not fishing for compliments, but when I got them from Sze Li and Xin You they made me feel better immediately. Sometimes, a kind word is all a person needs to "get that warm fuzzy feeling" (Eminem!). Thanks guys!

Today I had probably the busiest day in the whole of the holidays, which is a bad thing, because it wasn't really that busy at all. Oh, woe to unproductive me. It was my first day carrying out my church programme feeding homeless people. I've spent the past hour and a half writing out the post for it. I'd decided to make it very long and detailed because I'll have to write a report for it later anyway. Aha, Sze Li and Xin You, don't regret all those nice stuff you wrote in my cbox when you see it tomorrow. :)

My dad came from home and my mom came out from her office to meet me up for lunch in KL. Oh, we are such foodies. We were standing outside a allegedly famous chappati shop trying to decide whether or not to eat there. My mom was saying, "They say that the chappati here is very good - " when a lady exiting the tiny shop heard the latter half of the sentence finished up with "Chappati is very good for health, yes!" Haha. She was probably trying to help us poor befuddled Chinese people out. I laughed. The chappati was very good, btw.

My dad then made me follow him to the Daughters of St. Paul shop, which is run by nuns, before we went home. And then the sister there tried to get me to consider a vocational life. Not kidding. She told me that I was still young and I had a lot of options and tried to get me to sign up for a workshop and spoke to my dad about it. Then she asked for my contact number so she could phone me about any programmes they have. Honestly, I didn't want to give it to her. Giving up my whole life to become a nun is something I can never even consider unless I get "the calling" one day. It's impossible. But she strong-armed me. I had to give me real number too, because, well, you can't lie to a nun! That would guarantee you an express ticket straight to hell, surely! And she being so nice, too!

I was really tired when I finally reached home at three, and I wanted to cancel the plans to go swimming with Li Sar and the girls, I was so sure I would just fall asleep in the pool and drown. But it showed how much I really wanted to see those idiots, because at 4pm I went anyway, and I had a lot fun with them. Hadn't swum in a long time. By the way, I can't swim.

Tomorrow I'm going to have to wake up pretty early to attend Uncle Gerard's funeral mass. It will be the first time I attend someone's funeral. Uncle Gerard has always been very good to me. Right now, I keep on remembering how happy I was when he gave me a box of chocolate-coated almonds all those years ago, one of the many kindnesses he's shown me. But he's moved on now, and I hope he's in a better place. God bless his soul.

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