Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Haha. What a sarden mess that previous post was. But I won't delete it. We learn.

Anyway, now I'm very pumped!

Asked the parents bring me go to Coffee Bean Bangsar (becoming regular liao!) for TripleDeckerCheesecake tee hee hee. I also ordered a Large Iced Mocha Latte to share with my mom, but looking back, I kinda think I drank it all. Oops.

On the way back from the good ol' sugar-and-caffeine dosage I had a startling revelation. You see, some days back my sister and I went to delicious at OneUtama for dinner. When we were standing waiting to be seated, I caught the eye of one of the waiters as he was, well, waiting on someone. So I gave him a small smile - because I'm such a friendly person, and all - and he started to give me a smile back - and then both our smiles froze and we stared at each other for like two seconds - I did, because he seemed so familiar. (Gahh, if my life were a movie the guy would be my handsome charming prince and I would be married by now, but moving on...) I spent the rest of the dinner ducking behind my hair the whole time he was serving us trying to rack my brains and try to remember where or if I'd seen him before.

And just now it struck me! The guy was my Confirmation mate! I'd spent the last two years having weekly classes with him! At least two years! Ohmigosh this shows what a terrible relationship I have with my confirmation yearmates. HE must've recognised me. I mean, if he wasn't as stupid as I was he would have. I did talk to the guy before, you know. I felt so BAD! I turned to my sister in the car and said, "I just realised that one of the waiters in delicious that day was my confirmation mate." Immediately my sister said, "You mean that Chinese boy who kept on staring at us non-stop?" Wham! And the wave of doubled guilt slams into me! Eeeee, I am a horrible person. He probably thought I knew he who he was but was deliberately refusing to acknowledge him. My mom said he was probably thinking I was "stuck-up not a word". Yeah, my mom, sister and conscience had a fine time beating me up on the way back home. I am so ashamed of myself, and yet, I keep on feeling this mad desire to laugh.

So sue me if you don't find this funny.

The car ride home isn't done yet. Two streets away from my house, my sister glanced out the window at a electricity wire and went, "Monkey!" And of course nothing would do but for me to go monkey-hunting, even though the creature sorta looked like a cat, which probably meant it was a civet cat (musang). The second we got down from the car, before my dad even killed the engine, I took my mom by the hand and dragged her, at ten past midnight, when it was pretty dark and miserably lit by the orange glow of streetlamps, to go two roads away and see if it was indeed a monkey. (She thought I was kidding at first.) The monkey/cat/musang was still there, sitting there all hunched over, which meant that it wasn't a monkey, but a cat/musang. And then my mom and I stood there for five whole minutes in the dark on the corner of a street, staring up at the creature and having a very loud argument about it. My mom said it was a musang due to the length of its tail. I said it was a cat because it was sitting like how witch's cats always sit in cartoons, and witch's cats can magic themselves up to sit on electricity cables even if normal cats can't.

Haha. After those five minutes, my dad finally arrived to check if my mom and I were still, well, alive, it being midnight and dark and lonely all, giving me the courage to walk with him to the spot directly where the cat/musang was sitting, making the cat/musang unhunch itself and gracefully reveal the shape of its snout, meaning that my mom was right (boo) and that it was indeed a musang, albeit an extraordinarily small one.
And then we walked back home.


Thank you for reading this very long caffeine-and-sugar-fueled post, and have a nice day!

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