Monday, December 27, 2010

Another grey-eyed prince

Omaigod. Like seriously. I can't believe my mom has been watching this show all and I've, well, not. To be fair, she did tell me what it was about. Several times. But I never listened. Because my  mom has been witholding one crucial piece of information from me.

The main character has grey eyes.

Ajdskafjdrokjd, ajsdrieou, iasuroiuerios djofiuxfius adskjowiuxcnjd!

In case you were, well, wondering, what show this is.

Haha. I think I'd like the show, though, grey-eyed dark-haired as-close-to-Brigan-as-you-could-possibly-get conman aside. Since I'm in between seasons of Leverage now, I need my healthy dose of honest thievery. If only I could stop jumping up and down squealing "Grey eyes!" long enough to actually watch it properly.

Oh. His name is Neal Caffrey. That helps. One of my favourite Tamora Pierce characters is named Nealan of Queenscove.

Whoa. Just found a load of pictures of this grey-eyed hunk on Tumblr. Tumblr seems to me to be an unhealthy place to be. Lookit this. ?!

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