Thursday, December 23, 2010


Yesterday went grocery shopping and shopping in OneU for five hours. But because God invented crocs (haha), I made it! Skipped through the entire mall attracting stares because I was singing loudly along to the Christmas songs being played, often having to switch in mid-song when I went from one shop to another. Why were people staring? Season's spirit mah!

Just so you know, I slept at 5.30a.m. yesterday morning. Yeap. Caffeine... has its downsides. Spent two hours in bed with my brain racing at full speed ahead and swearing to never drink coffee again.

Anyway, I came home from One U and made tong yuen for the Winter Solstice. (I have a thing for solstices and equinoxes, thanks to Tamora Pierce, and I've permanently memorised the dates in our Form 1 geography textbook, which are on the page which has a mistake because they mixed up the Cancer and Capricorn tropics, omg geek alert.) I did all by myself - made it from scratch from glutinous flour - because noone helped me. Har har. Two reasons why I'm obsessed with making tong yuen when noone else in my family is - one, I like to eat it, and two, I always used to make it with my maid. I make two colours only, pink and white, and put it in sugar water, no ginger, thank-you-very-much. Thank you bestfriendNgLiSar for reminding me when the tong yuen day was.

And then I went to SS2 mall and bought books at the Times book fair.

Today, made chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies and talked to my eldest sister over the phone - it's her birthday! I'm going to have to wrap presents today - something I put off doing for very long - because I loathe it. Last year, I spent three hours wrapping presents. Three hours. What say I try for two this year?

Two of my all-time favourite Christmas songs, which, incidentally, are non-Christ-related:

My Only Wish - Britney Spears
Last Christmas - originally by WHAM, but also re-recorded by almost every artist living (exaggeration)

Ay Ay Ay It's Christmas - Ricky Martin
Baby It's Cold Outside - Kurt and Kurt's Vampire Boyfriend

Psst. Tomorrow's Christmas Eve.

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