Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Busy Bee

I spent the whole of last week Christmas shopping.

Just when I took a break from Christmas shopping, I decided to spend time with my girls these past two days.

Yesterday, I watched Rapunzel 3D with Chalystha. It was awesome, obviously. And then we went to LiSar's cousin's apartment to meet up with Kee and Ng for gym and swimming time. Then I came home and after dinner, I watched three episodes of Bones back-to-back with my father, just like I did on Sunday night.

Today I went to LiSar's house to watch a disappointing movie, City of Ember. Except the guy looked like Prince Edmund from Narnia. Oh, Narnia. Narnia is bad for my soul. Narnia rips my soul apart until I could have as many Horcruxes as Lord Voldemort. I'm not ready to say why. Not yet. Please don't ask.

And now my sister just interrupted me to remind me once again what a hopeless human being I am just as I was typing this non-stop and I feel all deflated and I'm reading what I just wrote and it looks like crap and gosh I seriously have writer's block right now.

Anyway moving on. Me and Sar went to gym and pool again, LOL. Haha, not very funny. Feeling very depressed gonna go and watch three or four more episodes of Bones laterrr (which btw are currently very depressing, character-development-wise).

Going to One Utama tomorrow. Need to pick up the last few presents.

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