Thursday, January 7, 2010


Some of you may be noticing that I don't update anymore. The few dears who read my blog have probably gone away in view of the fact I don't update. Therefore, me writing this in the first place is completely pointless.

Sorry, sorry. I'm not updating because I don't want to be an emo blogger, and nowadays I can't write without being emo. (Does this count as a properly optimistic sentence?)

I hate school. I never thought I'd come to this, hating my very own Samad, whining about school, about studies, about teachers, how stressed and horrible my life is. I mean, how typically teenager-ish, right? Something I'd always scorned. But how is it that it always comes out that what you scorn is what you'll become? But anyway, it's perfectly ludicrous that we should be complaining. As dear friend Philip has pointed out when I was ranting to him, when he was younger, all those decades back (exaggeration, sorry) he had to cycle to and fro school, help his dad out at the shop, and cook his own lunch and all.

So I admitted to him that teenagers nowadays are all a hapless bunch, all whiners, really, and that very soon these teenagers would be adults, and what kind of adults would they be, not to mention parents, raising what type of kids God only knows, and that Judgement Day is looming nearer every day, and then he goes and tells me that I'm too cynical for my own good.


'cause I'm not. Right now, I'm a whiner, remember? So let me whine. I hate school. Not the school, actually, just school. If you've been following my Facebook statuses, you'll already know why. But if not, let me just list out a FEW:

1) School finishing at 2.30 p.m. is impractical, too long, and very bad for gastricky people like me.
2) The heat is terrible, especially at two o'clock.
3) The massive traffic jam makes me have to walk halfway up-hill with all my books.
4) BOOKS! Too many. Far too many to be lugging around.
5) I cannot believe I'm missing one period of studies every day.
6) I cannot believe I have to look after the F123s at the expense of my brain.
7) I cannot believe I have to duty for two recesses.
8) I cannot believe the books I want are sold out.
9) I cannot believe we are expected to study in humid, uncomfortable labs.
10) I cannot believe I am sitting so far back, with tall people in front.
11) The ministry has not let me know whether or not I can take Eng Lit.
12) I hate addmaths, moreover, I suck at it.
13) I even suck at modmaths.
14) I do not want En. Azemi to take over Pn. T. S. Tiam's job. Now, he's in charge of R&S.
15) I hate being in science stream.
16) I'm so dumb and slow, I need to go for tuition, so after school, what with all the homework, I need to go for tuition.

I think that's enough, don't you? More than enough. understand. People go through this all the time. Everyone's been there, done that. So why the hell am I WHINING?! Jacie, get a grip!

I have to stop this. I need to give myself a tight slap in the face. I need to stop being so shallow.


Haha! Sound more like myself? Hopefully, I do. I will no longer update until I have something more productive to say.

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