Saturday, January 2, 2010


Had the crap funniest conversation with James just now. He told me a joke about a girl named Jacie. Which was funny la. Anyways, he then told me he was going to tell me racist jokes. I thought about warning him, but thought it might be funnier if I just let him continue. So he did.

1) The first joke was about the Roman Catholic church, about priests and bishops.
(Are you guys getting this?)

2) The next two jokes were about Indians.
(Get it now?)

Do you guys get this or not?
I was laughing my ass off, and not just because of the funny jokes.

It was because:

1) I am a Roman Catholic

2) I'm half Indian! (technically one quarter, but legally half)

If you count the first jacie joke, that is 4 jokes about me!

Thanks james, no one ever made 4 jokes about me in one night before. I'm flattered!

I'd planned to make an update about my sisterrrr, but, I think.... I'll wait abit first. Sorry. Using this casual post to mask the fact that she's gone for the next two years.

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