Friday, January 29, 2010


Today was awesome, we didn't study at ALL, so awesome, I'm going to colour-font this post.
Pn. Maha didn't come, Mr. Elvin let us do decorations and PEKA,
we prolonged a visit to the dentist for Modmaths, and BM had a class party for the two leaving our midst, Ahmad Aiman and Brian Khor.

If there was to be a complaint about those two periods of BM, it would go something like this:

Dear Pn. Pengetua,
I would like to complain about class 4A. There was a lot of yelling and screaming of two names in particular, "Aiman!", "Brian!" and for some reason, "Hidayah!". The class had the two boys stand up and make speeches. During Aiman's speech, there was a universal, deafening cry of "Stuuuupid Aiman". During Brian's speech, there were shoes and various items being thrown at him. Then, a boy got up and poured water on Brian, causing the floor to be wet. After that various individuals were requested to make speeches, loud screams and claps and cheers accompanying each and every demand. At one point, the whole class of 4A stood up and began singing the "Negaraku" from beginning to end with more patriotism than ever could be shown at assemblies, for no apparent reason whatsoever. Once the bell rang, a full-out waterfight occured, creating an enormous puddle outside the classroom, and throughly soaking one of the class doors.

Awesome day at school, 7 free periods straight, with a double-period party at the end.

But Aiman, I really will miss you. Nearly cried during your speech. How could you leave us, dude? You're an essential part of the Jejarum backdrop. Same class since F1.

Brian, all those nice things I said about you in class were just lies.

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