Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sweat case

Sweat case gila sweat.
My parents are so sweat.

Every morning I put my alarm before 6.30 or so,
and my mom comes in at 6.45 in case I oversleep or whatever.

So I was in the middle of a dream when my mom comes in and says,
"Jacie it's seven o'clock already wake up" and leaves.
I bolt upright, shocked, because I always panic when I get woken up without my alarm ringing.
I mean, usually I'd snooze it or if I slept through it it would just ring again in 15 mins or something.
So I grabbed my phone and stared at the time.

It was 4.15 am.

I went to my parents' room to stare at the Astro decoder to get a second opinion (switching on the light to stare at a normal clock was out of the option). My mom was in the bathroom, my dad getting up.

You know what I saw on the decoder screen?

Ch 702

I push the standby button. The screen then displayed


My parents woke me up at four in the morning today because they thought the channel being displayed was the time.


Hallmark, it's all your fault.

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