Thursday, July 8, 2010


He caught her coolly and propped her on her feet,
 his face impassive, as if it were routine for her to launch herself at him every time she dismounted.

After Tuesday's brilliant show of stupidity, and after missing school Wednesday, I decided to show up for another I-just-slept-for-two-hours day. The pain had lessened from excruciating (whole of the first day and night), I could walk again, and my parents wouldn't let me skip.

But I hadn't factored shoes into the equation.

The whole day was horribly embarrassing. I couldn't walk by fourth period, had to take off shoe and sock, and stay in class for recess. I had to do my English oral sitting down. But most embarrassing of all? It's the answer to this question:

"What happened to your foot?"

Shush, those who know. It's embarrassing. Really.

And it's not like it's a honkin' big bump or something that can silence people into sympathy. It looks like an innocent black spot but hurts like hell.

Oh, English oral. I had to be pretty well-prepared. Since dear Pn. Manjeet only accepts cheesy speeches that have to do with your feelings. My class was beautifully kind to me by letting me go through with the cheesiness of it all. And thanks Joey and Nicole, for your appearing suddenly with the applause. ;) I think I got a 29/30?

Xin You, you saved me with the ice, and the obsessions over Fire. Truly.

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