Sunday, July 4, 2010


I've finished reading Fire for the second time and am planning to start on the third. I'm experiencing the normal symptoms of addiction, like I do to any book I love or movie. I'm reading Fire obsessively, careful not to miss a word, repeating sentences over and over sometimes just to memorise them. I'm scrutinising the writing style, the tenses, until I would recognise this writer's flair anywhere. I have Fire, and Brigan, in my head, and they're real to me now - I could predict what they would say, how they would sound, what they would do - I know them so well now, they could grow in my head by themselves.

I get attached, obsessed, whatever you call it, so easily. I'm listless now when I'm not reading Fire. (Doesn't this post sound listless to you?) This always happens to me. Which gives me a new reason to remind myself to never try drugs. There's no saying that I only get addicted to books and movies.

So now, another familiar part of this process I have reached. Unable to contain my fixation with the book, I now begin to plague the poor souls who have the misfortune of being my friends to share in my fever.

Going through the Fire, I come across parts that I think my friends would love reading - parts that I think are really good, that have such a message in them that would be very good to be spread to the world. Fire is no bimbotic book - it's full of morale, and the characters put into words ideals and beliefs I've been subconsciously holding on to myself. And I always think to myself that I would post the excerpts here. But then, after a while I come to realise that I would be typing out the whole book here sooner or later.

It's a girl's book, actually, but if you're an open-minded guy you can still read it. Xin You must, definitely. Hui Jan too, and Chalystha should give it a try. Joey dear, you want to borrow Fire when I'm done with it, but if you want to read it before you die in an armoured car robbery you should download it HERE. But I already have it on my computer, so I can give it to you via msn.

By the way, I am such a hap for romance - the ones that appeal to me. The parts I re-read the most are the parts which have Fire and her soulmate in them.

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