Thursday, July 1, 2010


I finally bought this book, after I finished reading it in Borders. I knew the minute I saw it, or rather, the minute I read the back, that I would love it, and that I would buy it. Because it is the closest thing I've seen to a Tamora Pierce book. Tamora Pierce is my favourite author - I have 22 of her books and am anxiously awaiting the twenty-third in paperback. I love them all because they have heroines as remarkable people, warriors, who make a difference in the world by their own journeys in life, and altogether are such people as I would want to be. And they're all set in worlds that are medieval, with swords and armies and kingdoms and monarchs and knights and archers and horses and magic and romance, but in fictional worlds, so no worrying about history here. These type of books, are my kind of books. It's not that I hate all other books, though.

Hey. 4 Adilians. This was my English oral in F2.

But I finished reading Fire before buying it because I have OCD when it comes to buying books. If I buy a book it means I have to be able to re-read it to the end of time. If I buy a book and I find I can't re-read it more than at least 4 times, I'll get depressed for weeks.

Anyway, Fire. Fire, in Thayaalan's words, is the name of the hot chick on the cover. (I brought the book to school.) She lives in a kingdom called the Dells, which have monsters living in them. Monsters are like any normal species of animal in the Dells, but are vastly different - they are brightly-coloured beautiful enough to capture your mind. Fire is a human monster, devastatingly beautiful. She is the daughter to the monster whose tendency to control minds for his own destructive fun turned the kingdom to ruin. And Fire, at seventeen, is going to overcome her fear of her powers and help the royal family fix it.

And surprisingly, Kristin Cashore does not follow the trend of the books nowadays which come out in series. Fire is the second book she's written, but it's not the sequel to her first, Graceling. Graceling is set in a neighbouring kingdom, about 30 years after Fire, and only has one crossover character. So the books aren't really connected.

This is Graceling.

I want this too.

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