Sunday, July 11, 2010

Eclipse & Education

Fire craned her neck and gaped at the walls and roofs. A steward approached them and gaped at Fire.
"Eyes on me, Welkley," Brigan said, swinging down from his horse.

Today I went to this little UK Education Exhibit at a small room in Hilton PJ with my parents. Just, well, for fun. It turned out to be useful, but not particularly fun. Mainly because, every time my parents and I sat down to talk to the respective uni people, I'd have to tell them what courses I was interested in.

So I go, "English, English Literature, maybe with Media Studies."

And then they stare at me like I'm a three-headed monster.

After a second or so they remember that such a course exists at their college and start rifling through their modules. They look at me shifty-eyed and say, "What are you doing now again?"

So I say, "I'm actually in Form Four."

And then they shoot an incredulous stare at me, followed by one to my parents.

At which my  mom would go, "We know, we know, but her course choice isn't very ordinary - in fact, it's plain weird - so we have to start looking early to make preparations..."

And then they nod understandingly, totally agreeing, and the three-headed-monster look comes back, except this time laced with pity.

Allow for some exaggeration, but only some.

I actually ditched LiSar at MidV all by herself just to go to this exhibition. Sorry dear. I really enjoyed spending time with you today. I watched eclipse with her. *yawn*

I began this post at 12.50a.m., no point my going to sleep just to wake up again for the game. (And something came up.) I had just finished watching Karate Kid with the fam. How people can compare it to Prince of Persia is beyond me.

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