Monday, November 16, 2009

Back from camp

The good thing about being pessimistic about camp (to a limit) is you don't get disappointed - in fact, you come back thinking, "Well, that was better than I expected." Camp was alright, though I can't help thinking it was too much the same as last year's - after all, it was the same place with the same facilitator and the same things they wanted us to learn. The F1+2's weren't as annoying as I thought they'd be, but they generally weren't serious enough la, I wonder if they thought the whole thing was a joke.

I'm so tired, but grateful I didn't throw up - I couldn't sleep going up Fraser's so I was really nauseous - thank God we missed the gap, it gave me time to recover. Going down was fine - the whole bus slept. After all, in 3 days and 2 nights, we only slept a maximum of 7 hours accumalatively.

I came back from Fraser's at 4.45pm to find the whole house preparing dinner for Mark's parents. And they forgot that I had to go to church! They went without me in the morning. So I had to rush like mad for 5.30 mass, and I sat alone outside, because stupid Herman didn't bother to come find me. Sad. Sitting alone means nobody could keep me from falling asleep, so I had to keep slapping myself to keep awake.

Going Genting tmrw for 2 days for bonding time with sister and her boyfriend.

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