Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bones fan

I begin to regret that I haven't watched ALL of the Bones episodes, only just about 80% of them. Should I go back to the beginning and watch them all? Wait. I can't do that anyway. I don't have the episodes! Sigh. The reason for my Bones-mania? I went and searched all those 'shippers' fan videos on youtube between Booth and Brennan. Oh, and also because Bones replaced Criminal Minds on NTV7. I love this series. God. And I love all the people in it, too!

The Cast of Bones

Temperance Brennan, Bones herself
Seeley Booth, the FBI agent, whom I love so much

Cam, the boss

Angela, the pretty one

Hodgins, guy who likes bugs

Zack, currently in jail, God I miss him

Dr. Sweets, the psychologist

Wendell, my favourite intern


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