Thursday, November 26, 2009

By way of explanation

I suppose I ought to elaborate on my last post, perhaps more for myself than for anyone else. It is not a poem - I think it would be rather desecration to call it poetry - but they're not plain old sentences either. I didn't sit down with the intention to write it, but I did, in about less than 40 seconds. Same like what happened with my "Rue To The World" poem. Sigh. If only my "ssh" would come along that quickly. Yesterday my mom asked me about it, and I said I was to lazy to continue working on it. She told me I couldn't give up. And I think that was about one of the nicest tones she could have said it in.

Getting back to the topic - oh dear, I'm getting horribly sidetracked. It must be reading too much of Anne Shirley, it's a bad influence on me. I'm reading the fourth book now - I have the first three, and I've read the first book about, oh, I don't know, 7 times since I was ten years old - and it's my latest "phase". That's the thing about me - books I read and shows I watch have the heaviest influence on me. I think reading Anne of Green Gables when I was young turned me into a little bit like her. Though I could never be exactly like Anne. Sighs. Moving on.

I wrote that bit of nonsense earlier and I'm very proud of it. I think I couldn't have captured an outpour of feelings into a few nice-sounding lines more successfully. Therefore, I love it and have patted myself on the back on account of it. It would do very well for you to compliment me on it. Because words are so useless, really, and it is very seldom you get them to do as you wish them to. And now I have, in that little verse, and sunlight has finally spilled over the shade cast over me.

P.S. Is it just me, or is there something different about this post? I think it's my writing style.

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