Monday, November 2, 2009

What I ate in Penang last week

I come back from Penang the second time, now only got mood to blog about last week. Hmm... I hope I don't miss anything out... This is what my family and I ate in Ipoh and Penang, Sat/Sun. I'm going to bold out all the must-haves.

I ate a bit at this sucky rest stop in Rawang
Stopped in Ipoh to eat at our regular coffee shop, where we've been going for years, which is the ORIGINAL OLD TOWN COFFEE SHOP
- kaya toast, soup koay teow, iced coffee, fish balls
Wanted to try the coffee shop opposite, so went there immediately after the first coffee shop
- iced coffee, kaya toast

- Assam laksa, koay teow th'ng (at Penang Rd), barley, huar chi, yellow jelly thingy in gula melaka

- Coconut water, tau kuah, prasembur, all at Padang

Bak porridge, koay teow th'ng, o'chien, longan water, chee cheong fun, muaci

SUSU TARIK!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of wholemeal char xiu pau, bread with homemade kaya, Hokkien mee, around 6 cups of coffee (all at my great-aunts house)

Three Sisters' char koay teow (to die for!)

I can't remember what else I had after that, I think it was more coconut water at Padang. Yumm.

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