Monday, November 2, 2009

Penang Trip #2

This time I went down to send grandma back, and without my sister. Which meant I wasn't squashed half to death sitting in the middle and I got the whole of the backseat to myself coming home. What I ate was pretty much the same amount as last week, just with different food. MY SUSU TARIK WAS CLOSED! WHICH IS JUST THE SADDEST THING EVER!

But it was a really enjoyable trip, all the same - guess who I saw in Penang? Hahah. I was walking in some place that resembled Jaya One here when I suddenly got a call from Benny. I couldn't believe it, because I knew what was happening then! Hehe, I'd walked past a restaurant where he was eating. Lol! Penang's a small island. Tiny, really.

The drive back was scary - it was like, raining so super heavily visibility was almost zero. I stayed up to keep my dad company. The rain went on for like, two hours, which is very long to be driving when you can hardly see. And I have a question: Who taught Malaysian drivers to drive with the emergency lights on in heavy rain? Is it normal to do that? Because it's bloody annoying to squint through the windscreen, trying to see the road when all you can see are those irksome flashing yellow lights.

Oh, and I saw a burning car on the opposite side of the road. All I could see of the car was the metal frame already turning black, the windows all gone, and it was scary. I nearly burned my face trying to take a video - I could feel the heat from inside our car. Ignore the "ohmygods". It was a long drive. Burning cars tend to be rather interesting.

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