Monday, November 23, 2009

Super belated Joey's Bday post

Sorry about the super belatedness! Anyway. Joey's birthday. Erm.


LiSar came over to my house like super frigging early in the morning, stoopid gal. We played Tekken 5 in which I kept trashing her until I felt sorry for her and gave her chance. God I hope she's not reading this. Moving on. We finally left so we could reach there at 11.30, and when we were squishing in the car, I received a call from a boy named Gan.

Where are you?
Er... in the car?
Now only in the car?!
You're there already?
Nicole told me to come before 11!

Poor boy. Surely had to wake up super early to catch the bus and reach before eleven. Moving on. We reached there and met up with Gan's twin - I mean James - who brought his friend, Jessica, who turned out to be a very nice girl, and seeing I'm quite suspicious of people I meet for the first time at gatherings like this, that's really a compliment. :) In Shogun, I would've eaten a lot more, but sadly everyone wasn't in the mood for eating, so I think I only ate about RM 40 worth to make sure I didn't rugi. How depressing. The food was a lot better at Shogun 2 years ago.

Some parts of the day were like uuberly awkward, due to the nature of "clique-ing" within our very own party - which was rather - absurd. It was also awkward when weirdos like Chee Hoe and Mel Yee turned up to give Joey presents, then disappeared, only for us to bump into them later with a couple of old SSPians. Haha. I was glad to see Chloe though, because she hadn't changed much, and that was nice.

I enjoyed getting candid shots with nic's camera. God! I've improved! I especially had fun when I found a great subject to focus on - a boy, named, well, I don't really know whether Terence is his real name or not. Anyway! If you want to see my beeauuuuuutiful handiwork, please go to nic's blog and patiently wait for the pics to upload.

I'm very tired now. No, actually, I'm not, but my eyes are all swollen due to the heavy crying I'd done just now. I feel oddly relieved and sort of elated after crying. Is that weird?

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