Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Just came back from my overnight stay at Genting with Jeannie and Mark, which was 1 day after I came back from Fraser's. :) We stayed at First World hotel (God, the line to check in) which turned out much, much better than expected (once again, I was keeping my hopes low). But I didn't really expect the hotel to be filled with like five hundred thousand CINA people, all seriously lala muis and lala zais I swear, either that or old Chinese aunties nagging. There were like five CINA people in each of the two rooms opposite ours, and the kept opening and closing the doors to talk to each other in the middle of the night. In the end, my sister called security. HA! HA!

The outdoor theme park was awesome, it didn't rain, and we made the most of our time there. The first thing I rode was the Flying Coaster, the roller coaster where there are upside-down spins and you lie in a horizontal, Superman-like position. I super enjoyed the Corkscrew, especially the second time in the mist, when you couldn't see a single thing, even when you're like upside down and you can only make out the track. I went on the Flying Coaster again right after the Corkscrew (syiok dah) and this time I went alone!

The bad part was Genting kept ripping us off (pay extra for archery, haunted house, ripley's, flying coaster, flying experience, rock climbing, snowworld etc) and they closed some of the rides, like the Space Shot. Sighs. Ah well. My last Genting trip in a long time probably, so never mind.

I had a real great time with my sister and her boyfriend. Can't wait to go Damai Laut with the whole family next week. My last golden school holidays before two years of pure, solid, hell.

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